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The REVELations Film Archive is available for acquisition or licensing, and includes fully digitised motion picture masters in HD, still photographs and extensive production files and metadata.

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The Legacy of the Independent Voice


Transatlantic Films, the company that pioneered
the creation of an international market for independent documentary filmmaking, is marking its 50th anniversary with the digitisation of its archive of more than 150 hours of award-winning films, now consolidated as the REVELations Film Archive.



A Showreel that illustrates Revel Guest's use of the camera to reveal truth, and the cinéma vérité style of the productions in this extensive library, spanning 50 years of award-winning film-making.

Excerpted titles include:

  • The Making of a Musical (1 x 1 hour)

  • Makin' It (1 x 1 hour)

  • Greek Fire (10 x half hours)

  • In Search of Paradise (13 x half hours)

  • John Cage (1 x 4 hours)

A Showreel that illustrates Revel Guest's eye for celebrity, and the broad range of genius in music, film, the stage, photography and other realms of human endeavour in this extensive library, spanning 50 years of award-winning film-making.

Featured talent in this Showreel (in order of appearance):

  • John Mayall

  • Muddy Waters

  • Lord Litchfield

  • Brit Ekland

  • Richard Burton

  • Robert Bresson

  • Burt Lancaster

  • Marc Bolan

  • Ron Wood

  • Rod Stewart

  • Rowan Atkinson

  • Tom Stoppard

  • Fleetwood Mac

  • Pete Townsend


A Trailer of excerpts from this ground-breaking 26-part series, showcasing Revel Guest's ingenious mix of dramatic re-enactments and archive sequences to bring history to life. A cornerstone property in this extensive library, spanning 50 years of award-winning film-making.

  • The Battle of Salamis

  • The Great Wall of China

  • The Battle of Actium

  • The Conquest of Spain 

  • The Black Death

  • The Siege of Constantinople

  • The Conquest of the Incas  

  • The Marriage of Pocahontas 

  • The Battle of Canada 

  • Zulus At War 

  • The Battle Tsushima 

  • Russian Revolution 

  • Atomic Bomb 

  • The Spanish Armada  

  • The Rise of the Mob

  • The Battle of Britain  

  • The Plot to Kill Hitler  

  • First Flight [not in trailer]

  • The Shot that Started the Great War

  • The Incredible March 

  • Napoleon Invades Russia 

  • The Battle for Vietnam 

  • The Revolution in Paris 

  • Search For Troy [not in trailer]

  • Television Explosion [not in trailer]

  • Crisis In Korea

A Timeless Documentary Collection

Over the years Transatlantic Films had unparalleled access to cultural icons and phenomena of the time.  The films abound with originality, and span culture, sport, science, nature, history, religion and the arts.  Celebrated directors are featured, including Peter Greenaway, Tony Palmer and Simon Hartog; and celebrities from all walks of life include Norman Mailer, Philip Glass, Patrick Litchfield, Muddy Waters, Britt Ekland, Francois Truffaut, Glenda Jackson, Placido Domingo, Rod Stewart, Marc Boland and Fleetwood Mac.

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Adventure & Sport





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